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Confidence - Self Love - Purpose

Step into your power with confidence

Are you fed up with feeling judged or looked at negatively by others? do you look at your appearance and not feeling good enough? Are you ready to take back the reigns of your life and be fully confident in who you are, attract YOUR people and handle the self critiquing, stress, anxiety and low mood thats holding you back?


Turn your pain into power and fill your cup with pure love to propel you forward with: DIVINITY


 When you decide that you want more out of life and to feel content and happy with how you live and who you are then its important to not just focus on changing the things outside of yourself but to also put a majority of the work on the way you feel about yourself internally. This will have the biggest impact on how you walk through your life and being in your confident feminine energy will allow you to effortlessly attract the most beautiful things that you truly do deserve. Your mindset determines the steps you take next. Loving, respecting and accepting yourself fully and wholeheartedly allows you to feed the positive aspects of yourself more and more. in doing so this then allows those things to get brighter. 

Your journey starts now

You deserve to have all the love, nurture and care in the world, to be able to live in your purpose and stand firm in your boundaries. This is an adventure of self discovery and self care. You deserve it all! Confidence effects us in so many ways and if it is not your appearance and is another aspect then this will get covered too in the program, we don't solely focus on appearance, we solely focus on fully loving you all round, in every aspect, in how you treat yourself, social constructs, speaking your truth, being in your purpose, finding your true self, your relationships, the self talk and everything in between. I am here to help! You deserve to invest in yourself and feel beautiful and confident as you are without being held back on your dreams and goals. You deserve the best job, to find your purpose, to feel content and respected, to love your body and to attract healthy relationships! All this starts with you and it is possible. Self respect and self belief is paramount.

Week by week details


Moving Emotions:

Dealing with the stress, depression, low mood & feelings of anxiety and lack through grounding. (Psychic Readings on week one too)


Through your eyes: working on the way you view yourself and eliminating judgment and disrespect from others and holding your boundaries in place


Who am i?

Self discovery & embodiment of your true self and finding your purpose n life.


Confidence Manifests:

Using tools and techniques that are simple yet very effective to manifest the best version of you.


Dates & investment:

Access anytime from the minute you sign up.

£366 pay in full or

£125 x 3 payment plan

Get ready for THE transformation of being truly in love with you.

Transformation of self love

"Society and media has taught us so much cr*p that keeps us stuck in a unhealthy toxic loop. We tend to hold onto so much rubbish, so many negative beliefs about who we are and suppressed trauma. Once I let that go, I didn't even have to try to loose weight or change the way I look! I just automatically became my true self."

For Example, if you are someone who is suffering with low mood and socially withdrawing due to lack of confidence in the way you look, then you may think by loosing weight or changing your appearance is what you need to do, this is what we have been taught so far through media and it is wrong. It is actually going to be even more difficult to loose weight, because by you tearing yourself down and not loving your body you are then neglecting it, a body that is neglected is going to find it hard to upkeep healthy habits and consistency long term and may even result in unhealthy means of weight loss, we dont want that! we want REAL love, not fake it till you make it... in order to get the body you want then you must learn to love it how it is, this goes for anything in life. energy glows where it flows, so eliminating the negative thinking and showing true love to yourself makes the physical side of reaching your goals and becoming the best version of you so so easy. its all about your mindset and healing why you feel this way in the first place. You are perfect exactly as you are! even if you don't feel it just yet, in 4 weeks you will! 

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