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R&R: Online Practice

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The mindset practice that has been created by years of exploration and experience. Guiding you through incredible healing tools that will take your core beliefs, and flip them into something that will positively benefit you. In this practice we will be removing any low vibration and releasing what no longer serves you so that you can uplevel into the best version of yourself. What is the practice? This is 2 videos that are pre recorded and available on the website when you purchase the practice. ●Video One: Understand your mind & body connection: The subconcious Mind & Trapped Emotions ●Video Two: A calming practice (the good sh**) this is the one that will guide you through actually flipping your mindset and getting what you want. What you will need to complete the Practice: ●Laptop/Phone/Tablet/Device to watch the videos on the coaching platform here on the website ●Pen & Paper ●A quiet environment & an open mind ●Candles, sage, incense, crystals etc. (Only if you have them, do not worry if you don’t, you don’t need them, this is preference and not compulsory) Your beliefs are no longer serving you, It's time to change the way you think so you can show up as authentically you. This practice can be used over and over again on various different beliefs, use this as your guiding light. Once Joined, you will be asked to enter a email and password, this will give you access to the online coaching platform here on the website where you can watch this over as many times as you like.

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